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Meet Donnell, after a low back injury on June 1 of this year sidelined him from his gym routine he sought the help of Progressive Sports Rehab. In the gym Donnell was bench pressing 450 pounds, however he could not stop the shooting pain down both his legs that kept him from his everday activities and

A knee after surgery is vulnerable afterwards to unstable walking and awkward weight-bearing. After surgery it takes just 5 cc of fluid to shut off the powerful quad muscle at the knee. When the quadricep is weak, this leaves the knee unstable. When a knee is vulnerable and unstable walking on uneven surfaces such as

Meet Samantha B, she is a 14 year old high school student involved in many sports. Like other kids her age she starting to have pain and dysfunction in her shoulder from her softball activities. She is a pitcher and infielder as well, her under hand windmill pitching doesn’t give her pain only the throw

Looks like alot of snow heading our way this season, here are some tips from the healthcare professionals at Progressive Sports Rehab to keep you safe.  When shoveling wet heavy snow take layers of snow as you go that aren’t heavier than you can lift.payday loans Bend your knees and lunge forward as you lift the

Conservative treatment of disc herniations

Studies suggest that one out of every four Americans will experience some form of low back pain in their life. Low back pain can vary from musculo-skeletal disorders to nerve injury. Diagnosis of these conditions should be provided by an appropriate health care practitioner. After consult and diagnostics are performed an appropriate treatment plan can

Treatment of ankle sprains

The reason an ankle sprain occurs is when the foot combines for a flexed and inverted moment putting a strain on the supporting ligaments of the ankle.  Initially the ankle and foot may present with swelling and bruising.  Treatment in the acute phase may include icing, elevation, and gentle range of motion.  In the result


Having numerous orthopedic problems over the years Jon & Charles are the answers to my aches and pains. Anytime I needed physical therapy they are the only people I trust. When I learned they were opening PSR I was one of their first patients. You could not find two more compassionate gentlemen dedicated to improving their patient’s well being. They put the Care in healthcare. - Diane C


My daughter has a form of cerebral palsy that weakens one side of her body. She can walk, but she’s always had to wear a brace to support her weak ankle and foot. After one month of Physical Therapy at Progressive Sports Rehab she has made more progress than ever before. Her Doctor has said she no longer has to wear her brace that set her apart from everyone else. We are elated!! - Jacqui W.

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