A knee after surgery is vulnerable afterwards to unstable walking and awkward weight-bearing. After surgery it takes just 5 cc of fluid to shut off the powerful quad muscle at the knee. When the quadricep is weak, this leaves the knee unstable. When a knee is vulnerable and unstable walking on uneven surfaces such as sand on the beach can leave the knee open to acute bouts of swelling and pain. The professionals at Progressive Sports Rehab can tell when a knee is ready for such feats as walking on the beach on up to beach volley-ball. Stay safe this summer and more important injury free–Have Fun!!

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Having numerous orthopedic problems over the years Jon & Charles are the answers to my aches and pains. Anytime I needed physical therapy they are the only people I trust. When I learned they were opening PSR I was one of their first patients. You could not find two more compassionate gentlemen dedicated to improving their patient’s well being. They put the Care in healthcare. - Diane C


My daughter has a form of cerebral palsy that weakens one side of her body. She can walk, but she’s always had to wear a brace to support her weak ankle and foot. After one month of Physical Therapy at Progressive Sports Rehab she has made more progress than ever before. Her Doctor has said she no longer has to wear her brace that set her apart from everyone else. We are elated!! - Jacqui W.

Putting the Care Back in Healthcare