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Latest case file from Progressive Sports Rehab

Meet Jackie M, she is a Port Authority Police Officer that comes to us after injections in her neck, facet blocks, and ultimately fusion of three of her upper cervical segments. Jackie was injured on the job after US Airways flight 1549 had to make an emergency landing in the Hudson River, and the name

Foot/arch care from Progressive Sports Rehab

When arch pain happens in most of our feet, a conservative approach and local rest can sometimes work to reduce pain. However when that pain persists it’s time to see the professionals at Progressive Sports Rehab. A course of balance and strength exercises of the intrinsic muscles of the foot as well as arch support and


Having numerous orthopedic problems over the years Jon & Charles are the answers to my aches and pains. Anytime I needed physical therapy they are the only people I trust. When I learned they were opening PSR I was one of their first patients. You could not find two more compassionate gentlemen dedicated to improving their patient’s well being. They put the Care in healthcare. - Diane C


My daughter has a form of cerebral palsy that weakens one side of her body. She can walk, but she’s always had to wear a brace to support her weak ankle and foot. After one month of Physical Therapy at Progressive Sports Rehab she has made more progress than ever before. Her Doctor has said she no longer has to wear her brace that set her apart from everyone else. We are elated!! - Jacqui W.

Putting the Care Back in Healthcare