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Case file from Progressive Sports Rehab

Patient Anastasia W came to us in 2009, after many attempts of Physical Therapy had failed. Ana was born with mild cerebral palsy which affected her motor skills on her left upper extremity as well as her lower extremity. She has received botox injections since she was 6 months old and this month will receive serial

Progressive Sports Rehab one of the sponsors for Basketball game against the Harlem Wizards

Progressive Sports Rehab was just one of the many sponsors for a fund-raiser for Midland School PTA on Sunday February 13.  The game featured many Rochelle Park teachers, police, coaches, and parents against the Harlem Wizards.  Special thanks to all who attended to make the event a success, and thanks to the Wizards for going easy

Progressive Sports Rehab on during the NBA all-star game

Check out for our commercial on 2/20/2011 during the NBA all-star game on TNT. Progressive Sports Rehab, continuing to put the care BACK in Healthcare!

Treatment of Shoulder Impingement from Progressive Sports Rehab

One common diagnosis of the shoulder is called Impingement. This occurs in a shoulder where a mechanical “impingement” leads to pain, loss of motion, or both.  Some of the most common complaints are pain with overhead reaching or reaching behind the back.  Treatment at Progressive Sports Rehab starts with a thorough evaluation of motion, strength,

Holiday tips from Progressive Sports Rehab

The best way to rehabilitate a low back injury is to make sure you don’t injure yourself.  This holiday season while lifting all those presents and lawn decorations use 3 simple tips to protect your low back.  Bend with your knee’s when lifting, use your more powerful leg muscles to lift.  Keep the weight close to

Conservative treatment of disc herniations

Studies suggest that one out of every four Americans will experience some form of low back pain in their life. Low back pain can vary from musculo-skeletal disorders to nerve injury. Diagnosis of these conditions should be provided by an appropriate health care practitioner. After consult and diagnostics are performed an appropriate treatment plan can

Treatment of ankle sprains

The reason an ankle sprain occurs is when the foot combines for a flexed and inverted moment putting a strain on the supporting ligaments of the ankle.  Initially the ankle and foot may present with swelling and bruising.  Treatment in the acute phase may include icing, elevation, and gentle range of motion.  In the result


As all of our kids are starting soccer and football season this year, the debate rages on. Which is a safer surface artificial turf or grass for our athlete’s to play on. Both have pro’s and con’s. Turf  is better for shock absorbtion and weathering the elements such as rain and snow. Grass is more economical and


Here is our first blog post. Thanks for visiting! More to come real soon.


Having numerous orthopedic problems over the years Jon & Charles are the answers to my aches and pains. Anytime I needed physical therapy they are the only people I trust. When I learned they were opening PSR I was one of their first patients. You could not find two more compassionate gentlemen dedicated to improving their patient’s well being. They put the Care in healthcare. - Diane C


My daughter has a form of cerebral palsy that weakens one side of her body. She can walk, but she’s always had to wear a brace to support her weak ankle and foot. After one month of Physical Therapy at Progressive Sports Rehab she has made more progress than ever before. Her Doctor has said she no longer has to wear her brace that set her apart from everyone else. We are elated!! - Jacqui W.

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